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Pattern Workbook

Pattern Workbook

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This workbook is your ticket to mastering the art of seamless pattern design using Adobe Illustrator.

Whether you're a novice or seeking to elevate your skills, join me on this exciting journey as we delve into the intricacies of pattern-making.

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Course Structure

The Basics

Seamless patterns & how they work

✦ Pattern Tool introduction

✦ The tools you will use

✦ Adobe Shortcuts

✦ Further Learning

Level One: Bold Blooms

Creating Your First Simple Pattern

✦ Using a base shape or element

✦ Arranging elements

✦ Aligning objects using alignment tools

✦ Previewing your pattern

Level Two: Dancing Doodles

✦ Building a Complex Intertwining Pattern

✦ Using and adapting intricate elements

✦ Scale, rotate and change colours

✦ Creating your own elements

✦ Assembling and refining your pattern

Level Three: Lemon Grove

Creating a Multi-Layered Complex Pattern

✦ Using detailed elements

✦ Working with various interwoven layers

✦ Exploring object arrangements

✦ Polishing and finalising your design

✦ Checking for any inconsistencies or errors

Tips & Troubleshooting


✦ Saving Your Work

✦ Clipping Masks

✦ Moving Edge Graphics

Further Resources

✦ Further learning

  • Three Pages From Pattern Workbook PDF

    Interactive PDF

    The interactive PDF gives you easy-to-follow steps with pictures and clickable links, making learning a breeze. It's perfect for people who learn best through reading, helping you really grasp the whole process!

  • Example from Pattern Workbook Video Tutorials

    Step-by-step Tutorials

    Perfect for visual learners, you can hit pause and design alongside me, turning every tutorial into an interactive design session. Ideal for solidifying your understanding of the design process, so you can apply it for years to come.

  • Vector Graphics Included in Pattern Workbook

    Custom Vector Graphics

    Exclusive vector elements designed specifically for this workbook. Created with precision, the assets offer endless possibilities for customisation, allowing you to infuse your designs with individuality and flair.

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