• Pattern Workbook Online Course by Alice Thorpe

    Patttern Workbook

    Craft stunning patterns with this dynamic workbook. Learn how to design patterns like a pro and unleash your creativity!

    Pattern Workbook 
  • Adobe Illustrator Online Course by Alice Thorpe

    Adobe Illustrator

    Unleash your creativity with Adobe Illustrator! Master the fundamentals and turn your ideas into a sleek and professional reality.

    Adobe Illustrator 
  • 5 Gold Stars


    Your Illustrator course is fantastic! Your teaching style is engaging and easy to understand. Your course is a breath of fresh air, and it's rare to find a teacher I genuinely look forward to learning from. Thank you for creating such an excellent course!

  • 5 Gold Stars


    I'm pleasantly surprised! The interactive videos were a fun element, and I love that you get the vectors too. If you're just starting out, this workbook is a friendly guide to the design world. Really recommend.

  • 5 Gold Stars


    The PDF layout is sooo well-done which made it super easy to follow along, especially on the trickier parts. I'm really proud with how my patterns turned out. I have definitely unlocked a new obsession!

  • 5 Gold Stars


    As a total beginner, I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was so easy to follow. If you're starting design like me, this workbook is seriously worth checking out. It's like having a patient friend guide you through the whole process!