It’s the final countdown… | Last Semester at University

It’s the final countdown…

I should be writing my dissertation at this very moment, considering that I have a deadline later today. However, after hours of work, tons of quotes and way too many research journals I am definitely due a break. Which by the way, is super important no matter how long your to-do list is.

This week marked the first week of my final EVER semester at university – all the emotions. It’s hard to fully explain what I’m feeling right now because I can’t wait for deadlines to be over, but I also don’t want to leave my friends and my Lincoln life behind. It’s a whole bunch of different emotions that are all wrapped up in a little bundle of stress crying, happy tears and too many deadlines.

Although it is very traumatic being a third year student who is edging closer and closer to the real world, this week did have good news. I got good grades last semester – yay – which was a great way to start the week and really get the motivation juices flowing. If you’re ever struggling with motivation, I did a little video with a few tips and tricks that I use “How to get Motivated: Work, School, Uni“. Of course, I am nowhere near an expert at being motivated, I mean I am currently procrastinating by writing this blog post, but I do have a few sneaky ways of encouraging yourself to carry on.

This last few months of work are going to be tough, I’ve never seen a longer to-do list, nor have I ever felt pressure like it, but I know I can get through it one step at a time. I think it’s important to remember that other people are in the same boat as you, also struggling work wise and wondering how on earth it’ll all get done, but in the end, it always works out and we make it through. Personally, I remember thinking that I would never make it through my year 6 SATs exams, and look at me now.

So I guess the little message to take from this post is to believe in yourself. Acknowledge what you have achieved in the past and allow yourself to take those small steps to make that bigger and better future for yourself.

Thanks so much for reading, be sure to tweet me if you got to the end of this post, I would love to hear from you.

Alice x

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