2018.. The Year That I Graduate

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In all honesty, I feel like I have been ready for 2018 for a long time. It usually feels weird in the new year; when you break out your shiny new calendar and start writing that new number at the end of the date, but this year seems different. This year is the year that I will (hopefully) graduate, and as I’m sure you know from my last post, I am utterly terrified and overwhelmed by it all, but I am also so ready to tackle it head-on.

I have mentioned a lot about my plans in my latest video, and if you have already watched it, you will know that things are really up in the air and nothing is certain right now. However, what I do know is that this year is my year to work on myself and my businesses. I want to continue creating inspiring and fun content, I want to develop our community, and really use the reach that I have to make a difference – even if it is a small one!

You will notice online that I am focusing on being an illustrator and designer. The aim is to further my career in this field and (again, hopefully) find employment in that area. Who knows where my work will take me, but I will definitely make sure it works alongside my YouTube channels so that you guys can follow me on this life journey.

I hope you can stick with me during what is inevitably going to be an intense and unknown year ahead. Just know that I’ll continue to work hard and hopefully make you, and myself, proud of whatever the year brings.

Alice x

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