Working with Childline!?

Yes, that’s right, I actually filmed a video with Childline – pinch me!

What an amazing opportunity this was to share my thoughts and opinions with a totally new audience. When I received the email asking me to go down to London and star in a video about bullying I immediately said yes.

After having my own experience with bullying through school and event my adult life, I felt like I could offer some helpful words of advice and encouragement to anyone else going through the same thing. Our host, Greg, was a fabulous leader in this conversation and really encouraged some insightful answers from myself and my fellow guest star Julia.

I will insert the video for you to watch down below. If you are in a situation of feeling bullied or intimidated by someone, I highly recommend watching it. I know I would have loved to have something like this to guide me through tough times when I was younger.

Alice x

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