A Fresh Start


Call me crazy, but here I am again starting a new project to add to my long list. As a complete workaholic, I get such a buzz from new and exciting adventures; this new website is one of them!

I’ve given everything an uphaul here on alicethorpe.co.uk and want to start fresh ready for when I leave university next year (so scary!!). So here is my new online home, it’s where you will find my latest projects, recent news and whatever else I’m getting up to in my very unpredictable life. I’ll be showcasing my design work, writing random blog posts and just keeping up to date with you all. I’m also in the process of integrating my merchandise store with this website so that everything is easy to find in one place.

So I hope you will join me on the excitement for this new venture, I’m very nervous about what the future hold for me, but that is just life and we can experience it all together right here.

Alice x

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